These days, attracting and retaining talented employees is a core source of competitive advantage. Those that achieve it are likely to be more productive and more profitable with highly engaged employees, willing to go the extra mile. Companies can get there by becoming an Employer of Choice. This makes organizations extremely attractive to employees and makes it easier to retain existing staff and attract new talent.

Transforming a company from its current position to that of being seen as an Employer of Choice is easier said than done. Most HR professionals are painfully aware of the fact that 70% of change efforts fail. Cultural change is hard because people get used to “the way we do things around here” and do not want to change. Yet change is required to move HR from a transactional model to a value-added component of the business.

The Employer of Choice Toolkit vastly improves the transformation process. The Employer of Choice Toolkit is a corporate culture transformation tool offering innovative HR solutions to drive the change. The tool provides a variety of technological solutions to facilitate HR practices and improve communication, engaging staff in the process. It significantly enhances the HR delivery model. Once staff are engaged and motivated, business results will improve, and your HR function will move into a new era of success.

Why Use the Employer of Choice Toolkit?

The Employer of Choice Toolkit permits HR Departments to drive change in human resources activities and better align them to business needs. The outcome of this is to significantly improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation, and ultimately, to improve the reputation of the company as an employer. We recommend the Employer of Choice Toolkit because it has the following impacts: .

HR as a value-added unit

It raises the influence of HR across the organization, showing the huge value that HR can bring to the business, once it is properly aligned with the business strategy. It challenges the traditional, transactional HR approach, through digital innovation.

Increases engagement

Employee engagement is vastly enhanced through the use of solutions that have demonstrated proven success in workplace environments. This drives long term sustainability, as well as productivity and profitability.

Delights stakeholders

Through use of the innovative tools in the Toolkit the firm becomes seen as a state-of-the-art technological company, raising its value to all stakeholders, and improving the delivery model significantly.

Capitalizes on investments in people

Use of the Toolkit allows the organization to capitalize on its investments in human resources, and to build and grow on these.

Learning organization

The approach inspires the development of a culture of learning and growth among employees. This allows the company to grow and adapt to meet the demands of the ever-increasing speed of change.

Employer of Choice Toolkit Solutions

The Employer of Choice Toolkit offers a variety of innovative solutions that drive HR as a value-add to the firm. The key solutions offered are as follows:

Core HR Transformation Solution

The Core HR Transformation Solution helps you transform policies, workflows and procedures using video, animation and art into engaging and fun stories that employees want to use, helping them learn and understand.

There are three different elements to the Core HR Transformation Solution:

Video Animation of Policies

Policy documents need to deliver key messages to employees, but are often overlooked as being “boring”. Transform your policy documents into animated engaging videos that can both capture the attention of your employees, while delivering a serious message at the same time.

Video Animation of Workflows, Processes and Procedures

not everyone learns and absorbs best by reading dull processes and procedures. Liven them up and help others to better understand these key documents by transforming them into creative, engaging and fun animated videos.

HR Procedures Comics

Transform your dry HR Standard Operating Manuals into information that is vastly more accessible and interesting for staff. This is achieved through developing creative, engaging and fun comic stories that reinforce learning and information passage.

Onboarding Transformation Solution (Welcome Pack)

Onboarding employees is a process that most companies do not pay enough attention to, but getting employees off to the right start on day one has been shown to be critical to retention in the longer term. The approach used in this Onboarding Transformation Solution helps make an excellent and lasting impression on new joiners. It also digitizes the process making it more streamlined and interactive, engaging new starters while reinforcing the key messages that need to be delivered.

The tools offered as part of this solution are:

Video Animation Code of Ethics

With this tool your Code of Ethics or Workplace Business Code is transformed into a fun, engaging and fully animated video, to better facilitate message assimilation with new starters.

Onboarding Interactive Digital Staff Handbook

Assimilation of staff handbook information which all staff need to know can be difficult, and this is especially hard in the first few days at a new company when there is so much other information to absorb. Making your Handbook interactive increases the opportunities for learning, understanding and information retention.

Video Animation of Information Security Policy

Information Security Policies are critical, yet often dull documents that employees find it hard to engage with. Ensure the salient points are assimilated through the development of an animated video that will deliver key messages in a fun and engaging manner.

Video Animation of Corporate Vision, Mission and Core Values

 A welcome video rather than presenting the new employee with a series of corporate documents to read is much more engaging and interesting, helping the new employee to assimilate what is always a lot of information in their first few days at the organization.

Virtual Reality Tour

A virtual reality tour of local and global offices, with innovative introductions to key executives can really help a new employee start to feel more comfortable in their new working environment. It also helps employees understand the corporate culture quickly.

Interactive Reinforcement Learning Tool

This tool helps to assess what was learned from the Code of Ethics and Information Security Policy through implementing a digital post-learning interactive assessment approach. It consolidates learning and helps HR understand where any potential gaps lie.

Employee Engagement Solution

Employee engagement is all that organizations seem to be talking about lately, and there’s a very important reason for this: with engaged employees, your business is more productive and more profitable. This toolkit includes a range of fun tools designed to increase engagement through involvement and interactivity. It spreads engagement throughout the organization through increasing the ways in which employees can help each other become more engaged, sparking interest and delivering engagement opportunities.

Specific solutions offered are:

Engagement Program Awareness Video

For companies planning to launch an engagement campaign, an introduction to the initiative can help spread awareness and draw the attention of employees, increasing buy-in and raising the chances of program success.

iEngage Game

The iEngage Game compliments the iEngage Reward Card solution, and employees are motivated to win points to redeem for personalized benefits by demonstrating just how engaged and committed they really are.

iEngage Reward Card

Through developing a unique reward card, when employees receive “points” for their engagement and commitment they can spend it at an organization of their choice from the list of affiliated companies. This personalizes benefits, significantly increasing interest among employees.

Visualization of Employee Value Proposition

Instead of giving your employees a staff benefits handbook that will get filed away and never looked at, you can in an innovative way graphically showcase your differentiation factors. This will help employees and prospective employees clearly see your Employee Value Proposition at a glance.

Smiley Coins

These fun coins are made available throughout the organization and are given from employees or managers to employees and managers, to say thank you for doing something special to improve the working day. This can be linked to the iEngage Reward Card with points from coins received leading to tangible, personalized rewards.

Employee Awards

A  range of fun awards for employees such as “Best Buddy” and “Star Employee” give each employee an accessible goal to aspire to, in their own way, doing what they do best, increasing commitment to the job and to the organization.

Managers’ Toolkit

This is a Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit designed for the use of line management and helping them to overcome the challenges of employee engagement by providing tips, points and practical solutions to get their employees engaged and committed.

Knowledge and Learning Solution

The very best firms understand the critical nature of becoming a learning organization to help the company adapt to the ever-increasing speed of change. This solution includes a wide selection of learning opportunities, from engagement training solutions through to digital newsletters, tips and activities all designed to promote learning at all levels.

Specific tools are:

Employee Engagement Culture Workshop

One key area of learning and growth for all employees is that of employee engagement. This solution is a workshop designed for different groups within the organization, to illustrate the importance of engagement and how to achieve it. There is a one day course for all employees, a one day course for senior executives and a two-day course for nominated Engagement Champions in the organization.

Knowledge Express Digital HR Magazine

This is a digital, interactive magazine published at regular intervals to suit your organizational needs (for example, it could be published Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual, or as a Special Release as desired). It helps communicate key information that employees need in a palatable and fun manner.

HR Internal Customer Excellence Training

Customers are critical to success in all organizations. This training focuses on transforming HR staff approaches to internal customers to become a customer-focused company, increasing internal customer satisfaction and ultimately delivering improved business results.

HR Business Partners Training

This training drives change to the heart of your HR team by demonstrating the transformational process needed to move to a value-added business partners approach, and away from the transactional approach.

Smart Tips Training Capsules

Training capsules are short and to the point, engaging training videos that focus on getting a key point across to your staff. By keeping it short and sweet, the learning message is reinforced for greater success.

Smart Simulations

Many people learn better through doing rather than by reading or watching. Smart simulations enhance learning through taking an employee through a specific situation and having them make choices based on the scenario. Afterwards, the debrief discusses the choices made and consolidates learning points.

Workplace Comics

Liven up dry soft skills training by providing this through entertaining comic stories that get a critical message over to employees while keeping learning fun at the same time.

Automation of Routine Training

Instead of sending employees off for expensive refresher courses, these training solutions help update and refresh learning to bring it right up to date in a cost effective and efficient way, without skimping on the value add.

Communication Solution

This digital communication character makes the spread of information up and down the organization fun and engaging, providing interactivity that has proven to help with the assimilation of key messages.

The innovative solution offered is an interactive Frequently Asked Questions knowledge base that allows employees to find answers easily to common enquiries. The corporate character is specifically designed for each organization, and the interactive knowledge center assists staff with accessing HR related information. This information includes policy guidelines, benefits, processes and “how to” procedures, and is accessed through interacting with the corporate figure in an enjoyable, innovative way using state-of-the-art technology.

Organizations can only win with the Employer of Choice Toolkit.Employees are more engaged, the employer brand rises, and the company transforms to an engaging place to be.

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